Muspøt Whippet

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Nille (Pernille)

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Max (Dog Powers Aldebaran)

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Mus (Maximus De L’eden D’isawan)

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Sary (Oldkins Fairytale)

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Show (Showtime)

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Muspøt Whippet

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In the “little” country house, we find ourselves and our little breeding of the Whippet.

I Tina at 44 and my husband Martin of 50 have devoted our lives to this particular dog breed, which we appreciate very much. Part of our time, go with care, ring training, exhibitions of our lovely dogs, we have 5 beautiful of the kind.

In 2015, I, Tina, took the breeder’s training in Dansk Kennelklub (DKK) and has up to today bred 2 beautiful littered Whippet puppies.
In 2016 we received our approved kennel mark, called Muspøt.

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Today we have 5 dogs in our breeding.

  • Sary 9 years old.
  • Showtime and Pernille 3,5 yeas old.
  • Max 5 years old.
  • Maximus 2 year old.
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