About the Whippet Race

Read about this amazing Whippet Race


It is one of the nicest dogs of medium size (44-51 cm). It is a loving, affectionate friendly dog ​​who, despite all myths, is able to meet the most requirements for a dog. A whippet is 100% loyal to the owner, it is easy to handle, but demands challenges in everyday life when it is otherwise bored. Like all other guns, a whippet is extremely intelligent, very alert and curious. It originates originally from England and is one of the youngest races at home.

Its origin can be traced approximately 170 years back where it is believed to be used by the workers in the culmination to supplement the diet through its excellent ability to catch wild rabbits. Like all other coins, it’s a sublime hunting dog, its incredible ability to see any movement in nature ensures it’s able to chase for wild where most other dogs would not register. Its highly aerodynamic body structure enables it to shoot at very high speeds (up to 60 km / h), and at the same time, the strong bone build allows the dog to change direction without straining.

A whippet loves to run strongly and even a smaller garden can be used for physical exercise. If it requires exercise, yes, like all other dogs, it should of course move daily but it requires far from “exercise” as a dog of use. The need to run can be done just a few times a week, for example. by taking it to the forest or beach and let it run freely, it must be good enough! What they do not have is to be used for hunting, as a mouth will usually be the sure winner!

Om Whippet Racen


But do not be mistaken – it has bones like an Arab horse and is built for the very high speed in the terrain. Therefore, whippet is definitely not the veterinarian’s regular patient. The breed is incredibly healthy and therefore usually requires only the annual vaccination and health check, but of course may some situations arise where the vet should be consulted. Because of its very short coat, a whippet does not noticeably matter, nor does it smell of “dog”.


Is a whippet one of the best breeds to do, it is virtually impossible for exhibitors to “blur” anatomical errors because of its short coat, a really good whippet works great at an exhibition, as you get all here the movements clearly visible.


– exactly as obedient to other dogs, but as a whippet owner, you know that motivation is usually more exciting than most other breeds, as you will otherwise find that your whippet can react reluctantly. Overtrain is definitely not an advantage, but varied ways of learning ensure that you can keep the interest in captivity. There are several whippets that have become obedience championships in Denmark – the proof that a whippet may be obedient !! As previously described, whippet loves a challenge and there are many of them. agility, obedience training, race courses, coursing and exhibitions.

In addition, a whippet would like to play, very much like with children, it loves to pull a cap, pay if it pays off, and a “break fight” is also out of the way! When the exertions are over, the best thing is to offer your whippet a seat in the sun, preferably in the couch and very much on the latest lambskin. Here you will experience its incredible, almost “cat-like” agility when it sits on a sunny spot after all the rules of the art. Should there be guests, a whippet will pay attention to this, but rarely with persistent bark, but in the way that just seems necessary!


with other animals in the house is usually not a problem, and it applies regardless of whether there are other whippets, other dogs, cats, rabbits, etc. But an oncoming cat, hare and the like. will your whippet always chase.

(Text by Brian Ankerstjerne Hansen)